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Christmas in Memphis

Memphis’ own internationally acclaimed Boys and Girls Choir of Memphis will be presenting their tenth annual Christmas in Memphis Production. This year it’s Christmas in Memphis at Graceland featuring Preston Shannon, The Beale Street Flippers, MBA Marching Band, Young Dolph, the Elite Firettes,

Ridegway Middle School Choir, Danny Spencer and more. The production will be accompanied by a full orchestra The Boys and Girls Choir of Memphis have represented our city, state and nation throughout the USA, as well as foreign nations such as Canada, England and Jamaica. MYPAC has served our community eleven years developing youth in the arts and social skills, resulting to over ninety percent of our students graduating and going straight to college.

Christmas in Memphis at Graceland is the first concert/production at the all new Guest House at Graceland. We will also be honoring great men and women who have given their lives to supporting young people, especially in the arts:

                  Preston Shannon, Ron Redwing, Bernal E. Smith II, Stan Bell, Angelina Triplett, Lisa Lax, Grand

                  Master Arvin W. Glass, G. A. Hardaway, Young Dolph, Dr. Menthia Bradley, Dr. Roderick Miller,

                  Rickey and Shaundra Jefferson, Rickey Richardson, Rickey Miller, and Tamesha Love.

The concert is a fund-raising effort to repair damages in the MYPAC Center on third street and to help send the children to California for their annual culture connection summer tour to represent our city and its arts culture, as ambassadors of Memphis. We are inviting you to cover this wonderful historic moment by:

Visiting our center 1929 South Third Street Saturday, December 3 from 4:30-6:00 for press conference of the combined choir and orchestra practice.

Attending and covering Christmas in Memphis at Graceland.

                  Friday, December 9, 2016

                  Children and Seniors Matiness                       10:00AM and 11:00AM

                  Dining with Stars and Legends                       5:30PM (Ballroom)

                  Showtime (Theater)                                              6:30PM and 8:30PM

Please contact me for more information, if needed:

                  Fleming J. Ivory

                  (901) 568-6587                   ypacinternational@gmail.com

                  Facebook:                               Fleming J. Ivory


A Story of Values

The Memphis Youth Performing Arts Company (MYPAC), home of the Boys and Girls Choir of Memphis, is one of Memphis’ leading performing arts company. The primary purpose of the company is to use music and the arts to make a positive difference in the lives of young people ages 7-18. We have been in the city of Memphis for over ten years and have been operating as an international consortium for the arts for twenty years (Detroit, Canada, Jamaica, UK, Canada, USA). We have taken young people on culture connection tours to Europe, Jamaica, Canada and throughout the USA.